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Hotel Royal Regency

The Group's Retail Business has redefined the retail market. This is evidenced in the price of products procured directly from source suppliers, stocking the shelves in its Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Mini marts and convenience stores that are situated in opportune locations in and around Dubai and now expanding into other Emirate states.

Management of its malls - strategically located in the heart of the labor community - caters extensively to the labor force offering humanitarian relief through serving quality produce at low cost to these 'builders' of the nation. From food services to hospitality, medical care, trading, metal scrap recycling and fabrication activities, education and social welfare charities, the Group has made progressive strides not only in its own growth, but in touching the lives of its partners, customers and employees.

For the immediate future, the company aims to capitalize on its strength through focused expansion in the fields of real estate, metal scrap and property management.


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